Factors Influencing the Adoption of Recommended Package of Practices by Pepper Growers of Wayanad District, Kerala

Meenu Eliyas, P Sumathi


The study aims to assess the relationship between the profile of the farmers with their adoption level on recommended package of practices on pepper cultivation. The study was conducted in Panamaram block of Wayanad district in Kerala and proportionate random sampling was employed to select a sample of 120 members from the selected three villages of the block. It was observed that the factors viz., educational status, farm size, area under pepper cultivation, income, social participation, extension agency contact, mass media exposure, innovativeness, trainings undergone, market decision and market potential showed positive significant correlation at one per cent level of probability and market perception showed positive significant correlation at five per cent level of probability towards adoption level. Results revealed that one unit increase in the independent variables viz., farm size, extension agency contact and market decision would increase the adoption level by 2.549, 1.033 and 1.159 units respectively.


Pepper, Wayanad, Adoption; Factor; Kerala

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26725/JEE.2018.4.30.6195-6198


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