Problems Faced by Rural youth in Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu

P Radhakrishnan, P.P Murugan


To achieve the evergreen revolution in agriculture sector, retaining rural youth in agriculture is one of the important tasks of the government and other stakeholders in India. But there are less number of studies with conclusive evidence on the problems rural youth face while practising agriculture. Hence, a study on problems and suggestions for retaining rural youth in agriculture was taken up. It was found that most the respondents expressed lack of irrigation facilities, price fluctuations, involvement of intermediaries in marketing, inadequate crop insurance and insufficient inputs as the constraints. Regarding suggestions, it was found that rejuvenation of rural youth clubs, timely input supply, creation of infrastructure facilities in the village and ICT based transfer of technology would retain the rural youth in agriculture.


Agriculture; problems; rural youth; Coimbatore; Tamil Nadu

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Venkatesan, S. Indumathy, K. & Murugan, P.P (2018). Constraints faced by the rural youth in farm activities. Journal of Extension Education, 30(3)



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